BOPAS is so important to our industry as we progress in to a new era of high quality, high demand housing, education and healthcare. As everybody will tell you we are at a crossroads with the last recession having cut deep into the trades pool that the industry can select from.


We are at last embracing technology and precision engineering that so many other industries embraced decades ago. For many years the buzz word was sustainability – this has been embraced and this is now accepted as a minimum standard within the structural timber industry. There is now very little emphasis placed on this as it is expected. Moving on we are entering a period that will in all likelihood embrace quality and offsite construction.


The largest problem that we see as an industry is keeping up with demand for skills and product as our population rises. Historical quality standards that have dogged the industry for years need banishing once and for all and we need to embrace modern methods of construction, automation and precision engineering for us all to survive.


It is with this in mind that BOPAS takes on very important role in the future of housebuilding, supply of new schools, healthcare and commercial development. Developed by Buildoffsite, RICS, Lloyds Register, BLP and the Council of Mortgage Lenders it demonstrates the quality in product and management of the individual businesses that achieve the approval.


Once achieved the process is rigorous and demanding whilst hugely satisfying that achieving BOPAS Accreditation demonstrates to your customers, peers, industry and lenders that you are serious about the quality that is delivered.


Why would you chose a supplier who cannot give you a guarantee that All lenders will lend, All insurers will insure and All warranty providers will warrant! BOPAS is a must as we move into the offsite world.


At SIP Build UK we are continually audited and checked to ensure that we confirm to the most stringent of quality targets and processes that underpin our business. Regularly audited by the BBA for our use of the Kingpsan Tek Sip system ensures the right product at the right time and demonstrates why the system can performs for in excess of 60 years – it will outlive all of us!!


Why accept anything less than an approved audited and registered provider? BOPAS must be the minimum standard as we move forward.